Friday, August 1, 2008

Second Step

I have never had a blog and am feeling a bit shy about writing here what I am thinking about for the whole darn world to see.  It feels very exposed to me.  Then I think of all my community members and how (I imagine) they are gaily jotting down on their blogs all their learnings and stumblings and I am strengthened to jump in.

My primary work is with international NGOs (nonprofits) in supporting them to be better managers and leaders and have health organizational cultures with the end result being that they do their very important  work even more better.  What energizes me about learning to facilitate online communities is the possibilities of what I could do with this information.  I can see bringing managers and leaders from similar organizations or within organizations together to share learnings and support each other in going forward.  I can see training and team building.  I can see community building.  Oh the possibilities.

And there is a secret part of me that is thrilled with all the technology.  Once I understand it.  I stand in amazement, who knew all this was going on (RRS for instance) and how wonderfully accessible it makes the world and what people are thinking and talking about.  

That is where I am at the moment.  Looking forward to having my BB (Blog Buddy) help me figure out stuff that I am not even aware I need to figure out.


deb thompson said...

Hi Lynne,
I'm also doing the FOC08 course and feeling much like you a little overwhelmed and exposed. I'm definitely going to be reading your blog (no pressure!) and maybe we can help each other along the way!
My blog is at:

p.s am off to read your e-zine and I need to know how you did it. Am currently making my newsletters in pages and attaching to e-mails and posting to our site as pdf - must be a better way

Illya said...

Hi Lynne
Looks like for a start you're doing a great job! I had a quick look at your e-zine and am impressed.

I'm looking forward to reading your reflections here, and if you need any help (and another BB :-)) feel free to get in touch

artie said...

"Looking forward to having my BB (Blog Buddy) help me figure out stuff that I am not even aware I need to figure out."

I like that. Many people think that they can just go for help with the stuff they don't know and stop looking after they get the answer. But having a complete dialogue or workshop on a certain skill or technique and investigating what we know, what we don't know, what it does and what it doesn't do seems like a better approach.

I mean, if I have a problem and need an answer that's one thing, but to do a thorough investigation of all possiblities is more enlightening because such an approach helps to point out our blind spots.

For example, you and I could get together some afternoon or evening and go through all of the links and functions of Blogger, asking questions and looking for answers. In that way, we learn what we know and what we don't know. If we know that we don't know something, we can then go on with a purpose to find out.

So having a Blog Buddy to "help me figure out stuff that I am not even aware I need to figure out" is the best way to go! Becuause we can verify our competency.